The North Face - Clay & Montgomery



JT: So, what was that I said in the last post? Ah--yeah, something about fashion-fusion and the mixing of different elements, and something about seeing things I'd never thought I'd see. Today, this hombre proved me wrong and made a North Face jacket look good. North Face/athletic-wear jackets are ubiquitous, much the same as ugg boots, and now TOMS canvas shoes. I'm also noticing a lot of Longchamp purses all over town.

I'm not saying there's something wrong with wearing popular garments and accessories. I'll just explain why I personally don't care for these jackets (usually):

1. I prefer to wear unique pieces that not many others will have.
2. I regard North Face/Athletic-wear jackets as the upper body equivalent of wearing sweatpants. Not fashionable--just clothes to wear at the gym and the laundromat.

But--I can admit when I'm wrong. This man's jacket fits well, and the color is unexpectedly pleasing--it's just the right burst of color his outfit needs. His look is so very current and comfortable-looking. I would wear this North Face Jacket in a heartbeat. As Deniece Williams said: "Let's hear it for the boy!"