Belle Bottoms - Fillmore and Pine

Pair with a bit of plaid, some woven leather clogs and a Mexican leather belt, and you've got yourself an iconic 1970s ensemble. Be sure to keep the top fitted to contrast the wide leg of the jeans

JT Paradox San Francisco Fashion and Streetstyle Page for 7x7!

7x7 Magazine

Henceforth, we'll be photographing for the street style page in 7x7 Magazine, and here's the debut on the last page of the July issue!

The idea is: match the person with one of these six districts of San Francisco: SoMa, Marina, Haight, Mission, Pacific Heights, and Castro. Go to a newsstand or bookstore and pick up an issue to see if you got it right!

Man Morsel Monday - Fillmore & Geary

San Francisco Fashion Blog

He is in fact--one of the Original Man-Morsels from the very first MMM post--when we started our beloved monday tradition last September. Still looking sharp, sir.

For the Win - 18th & Mission - (ALL VINTAGE EVERYTHING EVENT!)

San Francisco Street Style

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JT Paradox: Before you even ask--those are Pour La Victoire shoes. Which translated roughly, I suppose could be, "For the Win" (aka FTW)--which is very apropos considering how EPIC those shoes are.

I've never been a huge fan of the 90s--but the way she used 90s elements in her outfit is outstanding. Now....I'm a believer.

I'm trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful.....

"Damn, youse a sexy morsel."