Brynna - Gothic Lolita Inspired Chic - SFStyle Halloween Post! - City Hall (San Francisco)

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This is our special Halloween post featuring noted San Francisco gothic morsel, Brynna! It's also an unprecedented milestone for Street Fashion Style--our very first gothic-lolita-style morsel. Yes, to the purists, she may not look like she walked right off the streets of Harajuku, and she's sans the extreme white makeup and black lipstick and white lace petticoat. However, despite lacking the costumed bells and whistles--her chic outfit exercises just the right amount of restraint. This translates her style into a refined look without stifling her obvious gothic influences. Brynna usually unleashes the extremely gothic looks on a special occasion. This weekend being perhaps the most fitting time of the year for it--the celebration of ALL HALLOWS' EVE.

 As was mentioned in the previous post, we're showing you more than just fashion-forward inspirations and streetstyle trends. Today's post includes some stills of Brynna's wickedly charming loft. She's got:
0. Almost floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking downtown San Francisco.
1. She's turned one wall into a mood board, with classic gothic/pinup icons like Dita Von Teese.
2. She's furnished her home with matching decor--everything a girl with an affinity for corsets might desire:
Black lava lamp. Black Altoids tins. Black couch. Black sheets. Black cat(s)!
We hope her extremely cohesive personal style inspires you. Whatever your interests are, don't be afraid to go the distance. When you eat, sleep, and breathe an aesthetic you are passionate about--your style is bound to excel.

 Have a spirited, stylish, and safe Halloween, morsels.

 -- JT