Heirloom Bag + Braided Belt/Sandals + Turquoise Polish + Vintage Camera - Lafayette & Prince (NYC)

streetstyle fashion blog new york
streetstyle fashion blog new yorkstreetstyle fashion blog new york
streetstyle fashion blog new york

There are a lot of key components that combine to upgrade this stunning morsel's rather modest outfit to an exceptional look:

0. Effortlessly chic tousled hair
1. Effortlessly chic peach blouse
2. Vintage camera
3. High-waisted shorts
4. Turquoise-blue nail polish for a subtle color contrast with blouse
5. Woven leather women's sandals and belt
6. Oversized heirloom bag

There is a common response we hear when asking subjects where they get their best pieces: "This belonged to my mother/father/grandparent/sibling/BFF/etc."

This got the wheels turning in our heads and we thought about the way fashion and style can literally be handed down from friend to friend, generation to generation--the way wealth and tradition can. Is there something in your own wardrobe that you've inherited and cherish? Perhaps it helped inspire your own fashion tastes and preferences. Perhaps it's a vital part of your family history--a dress your mother wore when she met your father, or simply your grandfather's favorite scarf handed down to you. This makes fashion more than just clothes that you cover your body with--it's the fabric spanning across time and weaving the history of generations. That's another beautiful element of fashion SFStyle is always looking to photograph.