Morsel in Red + Cateye-ish Sunglasses + Platinum Hair - Geary & Grant - San Francisco

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0. I apologize for putting her beautiful platinum hair against a light colored background. That's a basic photography 101 mistake--but she was running late for work and I had all of 60 seconds to take a good shot.
1. The peek-a-boo sheer quality of her dress injects a booster shot of elegant sensuality.
2. Cat-eye style sunglasses come in many variations--and this particular pair is a refreshing update.
3. Look closely, and you'll see her nail polish is a beautiful cyan/celeste/turquoise-blue, contrasting her dress. (There's so many different designations for specific color shades! If there's a universal constant naming convention used specifically for fashion, I'd love to know).
4.This sultry lady in red has got a predilection for scarlet--this vintage STREETFASHIONSTYLE post has her toting another magnificent red purse.

- JT