Betty Page Bangs + Leopard Print Bag + Fur-lined Coat - Prince & Mulberry (NYC) New York

betty page bangs pin-up leopard print fur-lined street fashion style nyc new york

I call this kind of girl a 'Betty'. She has that Betty Page pin-up inspired look (but fully dressed). Betties always have the dark hair, straight bangs, and usually something in leopard print. It's a very distinctive look, like gothic or preppy, but more specific and even more uncommon. (Although there are a copious amount of Betties in San Francisco--go figure.) This morsel, however--was cooling her heels in New York's Nolita neighborhood. Her look is a particularly clean and well-executed Betty, and her coat is divine. She had me at pearl brooches.

Before I get a flood of emails from the human-wikipedia crowd--let me address the fact that some might classify today's morsel as a rockabilly look. I am trying not to pigeonhole anyone too much since people tend to get upset when I do that. I define rockabilly as more of a music-scene/lifestyle than a fashion aesthetic. I have no idea what music she listens to or how she lives--so all I can do is cite specific concepts that have obviously inspired her look, and the fact that there are definitely a handful of feisty morsels that adhere to this unmistakable style. Does that make sense? I hope so. Stay stylish, faithful reader.

- JT