Man Morsel Monday - Spread Collar + Warm Layers + Leather Gloves - Prince & Mott (New York)

IMG_6770 copy spread collar leather gloves man morsel monday street fashion style new york nyc
IMG_6761 copy spread collar leather gloves man morsel monday street fashion style new york nyc

I photographed this Man-Morsel a while back during the mild autumn days, and ran into him again very recently--dressed appropriately for the colder weather we have now. I want to point out the spread collar shirt he's wearing. Spread collars have quickly replaced standard point collars on most stylish Man-Morsels I've seen around the city. They're very modern and classy without being ostentatious.

I love that his style has a stark minimalism, and shows an evolution. His hair is longer, his beard is more full, he's got warm layers, and most covetable of all--he's wearing some luxurious fitted leather gloves. I've noticed a considerable increase in the popularity of driving gloves, and gloves in general--ever since Ryan Gosling wore them in the recent film, DRIVE. (Go figure). Cozy trappings are so necessary right now, especially in a place with cold weather like New York. Winter is coming.

- JT

P.S. A little tidbit for you here, if you look in the background, you'll see some other streetstyle bloggers on the corner basically doing the same thing I was doing at the same moment. There's so many streetstyle bloggers here in New York, I'm constantly spotting my contemporaries during excursions into SoHo. This is definitely something new for me, since this rarely happens in San Francisco. Do I consider them rivals or competition? Not really. Most of the time, other streetstyle bloggers photograph entirely different fashions than Dyanna and I do. Besides--the cream always rises to the top. Stay stylish, morsels. ;)