Boots and Fur Mantle - (NYC) New York


When is too much, too much? That's a good question. Fashion--being such a subjective medium, allows everyone the right to have their singular perspective and concept of what stylish truly is. For some, today's Man Morsel might be a bit much, and for others, NOT ENOUGH. That's what is best about fashion! We ourselves get to define it everyday in what we wear on our bodies, and what we covet on others. That's why the streets are the true runway. On SFS--We try to capture a variety across the spectrum so you can get inspired and decide for yourself what's chic and what's bleak.

If you asked the male population of America how a man should dress and averaged the answers out, I'd wager that the majority kneel before the jeans/sneakers/t-shirt-holy trinity and call it a day. How banal the world would be if not for the ostentatious Man Morsels who strut about town likes this one. Today's gentleman also has a quality pair of men's boots to help with the strutting--it's a good foundation for this fabulous outfit.

- JT