Man Morsel Monday - Mission (San Francisco)

man morsel monday, street fashion style, victor solomon, san francisco

People often ask where the term "morsel" or "man-morsel" came from. Look no further. This man--Victor Solomon, once questioned me on my motives for using the word "morsel" when describing some of the lovely female subjects I photographed. He pointed out how the usage could obviously be perceived as sexist and rude. That was not my intention at all, because I have always used the term affectionately.

So, I rebutted: "Men can be morsels too."
Victor: "Well let's see some Man-Morsels on your blog."
(Up to this point, there really weren't many men posted on SFS)

...and the rest is history. So you have Victor to thank for our beloved tradition of stylish and scrumptious men posted on mondays (whenever possible).

- JT