threadflip, street fashion style, thesfstylethreadflip, street fashion style, thesfstyle

The images you above show part of our STREET FASHION STYLE : THREADFLIP COLLECTION.

You can see the complete collection at: THREADFLIP.COM!

Threadflip is a social marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering new, unique, and pre-loved fashion. With a few clicks, users can upload images of pieces straight from their closet, and sell clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry they no longer wear, creating a treasure trove of thousands of new pieces every day.
Threadflip is also launching a special white glove concierge service, which allows women to receive a box to send in their unused and pre-loved items and Threadflip takes care of the rest.

The SFS team hand-picked a collection of over 100+ exquisite items to get you started as you explore Threadflip. We picked a variety of pieces from many different styles, and there's every type of item: tops, dresses, jeans, jewelry, bags, footwear, scarves--you name it. There's designer AND vintage. We had a blast doing it--in fact, it was kind of hard to stop! We hope the pieces inspire you as much as they did for us. You don't have to stop there, though. Threadflip has vast listings of great items, and it's truly a quality website whether use it to browse, shop, or sell. It's like being able to shop inside thousands of your fellow fashion-lovers' closets, and also let them shop items you're willing to part with. That's kind of amazing.